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From Ijeoma John Nnewi

The immediate past Managing Director of National Inland Waterways Authority ( NIWA), who is also the former National Auditor of All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief George Muoghalu has emphatically said that “power belongs to God, He gives to whom He pleases”

He made this statement in an interview with some journalists at his residence in Nnewi.

Chief Muoghalu said that if it pleased God using the people of Anambra State to make him their Governor so be it.He affirmatively stated that he had all it would take to hold any elective position be it Councilor, Governor, President and even any contestable position.

He said that two things were very critical in any electoral process which according to him were the candidate and the platform.

“I can speak affirmatively about the candidate but for the platform I am consulting across party lines”he noted

He described the news been circulated on social media that he had joined Labour party as merely rumour.

“If I decide to join any party ,it must follow due process” he added

On the issue of economic hardship, Chief Muoghalu said that the challenges were quite enormous. He said that the Government acknowledged that things were quite rough and difficult.

” I am part of the system, I have wife ,children, dependants.I am talking to you based on my personal experience ” he said

He disclosed that efforts had been made by the government to see to what extent, they could alleviate this hardship and to address the challenges by setting up Government Intervention Programmes.

On what he would do if he becomes the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Muoghalu said that they were looking at the hypothesis.

” I am not a soothsayer, when we get to the bridge, we will cross it” he said

Speaking on security challenges in the South East, He said it was a major concern.
Chief Muoghalu said that outside investors would not feel free to invest in an insecurity environment.

” Security is the primary responsibility of any government ” he added

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