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The Biafra Republic Government In-Exile (BRGIE) has said that June 12 being Nigeria’s democracy day is no longer recognized in southeast and Biafran territory.

The Prime Minister of BRGIE, Simon Ekpa who disclosed this in a statement on Monday, said the only recognized holiday in Biafraland is May 30th.

Ekpa urged Biafrans to go about their businesses as the aspiration of the Biafra independence declaration is on the right track. 

According to him, those frustrating Biafra declarations will fail.

“The Nigeria public holidays are no longer recognized as an official National Day within Biafra Territory. We only recognized the 30th of May.

“Biafrans will continue to observe international holidays while we look forward to the official national holidays upon declaration of the restoration of Biafra Independent.

“Following the announcement of 11th as a Public Holiday in Nigeria, BRGIE is making it clear that Biafrans can go about their businesses without obstruction by anyone”.

Recently, Biafrans celebrated May 30th to honour those who died during the Civil War between 6 July 1967 and 15 January 1970.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government declared Wednesday, June 12 as a Public holiday to mark Democracy Day.

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