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Tinubu/Shettima Presidency : The Policies, The Bond, and Public Perception

. By: Inuwa Bwala It is a universal trend in governance that new policies: however pragmatic or ambitious, meet initial misconceptions or resistance.Some criticise because they do not understand and others out of sheer mischief. But for whatever reasons, resistance to the introduction of new policies cause the teething problems of a new government to […]

Imo PDP: The Testimonies of Rejuvenation

By Lancelot Obiaku In one of my articles last week, I talked about what I termed the “PDP spirit”. Recall vividly I admitted that it was characterized by strength, confidence and courage. That wasn’t a prophecy of what was to come. It is what exists; the true state of things at present. But I didn’t […]

Umahi is at it again

By Amanze Obi (amaobi@yahoo.co.uk) Dave Umahi, the Minister of Works, will never change. He is ill-tempered and intolerant. Contraries have no place in his worldview. He sees life only from one prism. This explains why he is always at daggers drawn with those who perceive reality differently. Much more than this, Umahi is a quisling […]

Adenuga at 71, we found the best for Nigeria

By Victoria Chioma Ogboko When the history of Nigeria nay the world will be completely written, the name of the famous philanthropist, Dr Mike Adeniyi Adenuga, will be on the top of those who contributed immensely in making it a better place for humanity to thrive on, despite the challenges of declining conduciveness that bestrides […]

Mala Kachallah: 17 years ago And Fresh On My Mind

By: Inuwa BwalaHaving worked very closely with other bosses besides Mala Kachallah, people often wonder and ask me about what makes Mala Kachallah so unique that I find it difficult to forget him for close to two decades.I often find it difficult to explain, but I know that there exists an unbroken cord, which not […]