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A cholera outbreak in Lagos State has resulted in 15 deaths, with 350 suspected cases reported, according to the Lagos Ministry of Health. The state has confirmed 17 cases of the disease.

Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi, discussed the measures being taken to address the outbreak. He noted that 350 suspected cases have been identified across 29 wards in various local government areas, with 17 confirmed cases and 15 fatalities.

“Although the number of cases initially increased, we are now seeing a decline in affected areas due to our intervention efforts. However, new cases are emerging in previously unaffected regions, underscoring the importance of maintaining strict hygiene practices,” Abayomi stated in a release signed by the ministry’s Director of Public Affairs, Tunbosun Ogunbanwo.

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The commissioner highlighted that laboratory tests have identified the Cholera sub-type O-1, which is known for causing severe illness. He emphasized that the pattern of new cases varies by locality and that the state’s ongoing surveillance is critical.

To combat the outbreak, Lagos State is conducting facility inspections, distributing cholera kits, and providing Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) across health facilities. Public health education campaigns are also being intensified.

Abayomi urged residents to adhere to precautionary measures, cooperate with health authorities, and participate in community sanitation activities, especially with the upcoming Eid-al-Adha celebration. He also stressed the importance of promptly reporting symptoms such as watery diarrhea or vomiting to prevent further transmission and ensure timely treatment, which is being provided free of charge at government facilities.

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