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From Salisu Zakari Maradun, Gusau

Salary earners in Zamfara have cried out over what they termed dishonesty and deceit said to have been exhibited by the governor of the state, Dauda Lawan with regard to the June 2024 salary which he promised to implement, checks by The Authority in the state had revealed.

Also worried by the negative behaviours of the governor where thousands of political appointees, most of who at the time of filing in this report, did not collect their salaries 48 hours after the celebration of eid-el-kabir across the world.

It could be recalled that the governor of the state promised workers of the readiness of his government toward implementing the 30,000.00 minimum wage with effect from June 2024 but which also was not actualized.
On hearing the statement of the governor, politicians, this paper gathered, embarked on collection of massive loans from their respective banks as well as individuals with hope that they will settle it after they have collected their 30,000 minimum wage as earlier promised by governor Dauda.

But to their dismay and the dismay of those who rely and survive under them, the salary came with tears to them as none of them collected more than what he collected in the previous month of may 2024.

Coupled with abject poverty the people of the state and the workers started hiding themselves for fear of their clients, and as a result of that negative attitude of Dauda Lawan who also has been termed as the worst among all the governors as far as generosity is concerned, thousands of them could not afford to sacrifice rams as usual.

Many houses could not even afford one measure of rice to cook due to extreme cash crunch across the state, while the very few who enjoyed the celebration according to the checks, were non-indigenes who were drawn by the governor from different parts of the country and who are also claiming one relationship or the other with the governor who was believe to be brought up outside Zamfara.

Many politicians also continued the checks, were disappointed with the way the governor handles the affairs of the state, describing it as undemocratic and entirely against the culture of the people of the state. Checks further revealed that as a result of what many described as non-challant attitude of the governor who by extension ignored welfare sector, the governors popularity declines on a daily basis and at the time of filling in this report, out of every 100 people, out five can afford what to eat per day due to lack of its availability.
Both civil servants and politicians who spoke to our correspondent in respect of the rainfall issue described it as ruthlessness, human and intolerable henceforth.
According to them, any leader who ignore welfare has lost every thing, and that welfare is part and sign of good leadership anywhere in the world.
“Actually, we have made a wrong choice by electing Dauda during the march 2023 election”, revealed one Kasimi Attahiru, a politician and a resident of Abarma village, an outskirt of Gusau the capital of the state while contributing his quota.
Attahiru stated that what the governor of the state does now is only a deceit, playing with intelligence of the people who sacrificed their everything, including lives to make him what he is today, adding that Dauda was not better than all the politicians he contested alongside with was only destroying from all indication, he has destroyed his political future because so long as he continues like this, I don’t think even a donkey will cast his vote for him”, he added.
Virtually, the entire Zamfara people are not finding it easy to live an affluent live like their counterparts in other states of the federation who enjoy their palliatives and other incentives by both government and individual during the unbearable period of fuel subsidy removal.

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