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On the occasion of Father’s Day, President Bola Tinubu extended heartfelt congratulations to fathers and paternal figures across the nation, acknowledging their significant contributions to shaping the country’s future through sacrifice, provision, protection, and guidance.

In a statement released by his special adviser on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, President Tinubu emphasized the importance of imparting values to children that go beyond material wealth. “Fathers should bequeath to their children pristine values that money or material comfort cannot provide,” he urged.

Reflecting on the history of Father’s Day, the President noted its origins trace back to the Middle Ages, with official recognition beginning in West Virginia, USA, in 1908. The day was initially established to honor 362 men who perished in a coal mining explosion. Today, it serves to celebrate all fathers—living, deceased, and those who have served as father figures.

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President Tinubu stressed that society thrives when fathers embrace their responsibilities, guiding their children through life’s challenges and preparing them for the future. He highlighted the necessity of fathers exemplifying values such as discipline, integrity, service, respect, love, and allegiance to the nation.

Saluting the “sung and unsung heroes” who tirelessly provide for their families, President Tinubu described these fathers as the true pillars of society. He called on all fathers to remain committed to positively influencing the destinies of the younger generation.

As Father’s Day is observed, the President’s message resonates as a powerful reminder of the enduring impact of a father’s role in fostering a strong, value-driven society.

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