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The Anambra State Police Command has stated that it would conduct a thorough probe into the allegations made by a woman who accused her husband of working with criminals to terrorize the entire southeastern Nigeria.

A video went viral on Monday, showing one Mrs. Ujunwa, a beer parlour operator in Anambra State, confessing that her husband knows and cooperates with the unknown gunmen.

The newly-married woman, who was arrested during a recent raid by security forces as part of the ongoing ‘Operation Udoka’ in the Southeast, also made another shocking revelation, as she leaked a long-standing synergy and mutual cooperation between the a traditional Ruler in Anambra State and the members of the dreaded group that has caused terror in different parts of the State.

She also revealed, during the interrogation, that the gunmen have camps and hiding places inside bushes in the community, where the traditional ruler and some members of the community visit them from time to time for one discussion, settlement, engagement or the other.

It was also gathered that the camps and operational bases which have been in the bushes for years are also the places where the group kills or keeps many of their kidnapped victims, and from where they come out to carry out different kinds of enforcements and crimes they perpetrate in the state, especially in Anambra.

Mrs. Agueze, who also gave the directions to the location of the camps, further revealed that the dreaded men also have many vehicles in their possession and have a bike man who also works with them as a messenger.

She further revealed that the gunmen usually come out during the day time, saying that sometimes they come to her husband’s beer parlour to drink and enjoy themselves, or send someone to bring the drinks to them in their camps.

However, when contacted for his confirmation or reaction on the video clips of the shocking confession and revelations, the Police Public Relations Officer for the Anambra State Police Command, SP Ikenga Tochukwu, described the clips as seemingly important piece of information, assuring to subject them to forensic review and proper investigation.

“The Command describes the video as a piece of information that seems to be credible and will be subjected to forensic review and proper investigation, please,” the Police Spokesman said.

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