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Labour leader Keir Starmer is currently in Buckingham Palace where he has been inaugurated as he takes over as British Prime Minister.

His inauguration comes after Starmer met King Charles at the Palace and was formally invited to form a government.

Thereafter, Starmer said the four nations of the UK are “standing together again facing down as we have in the past the challenges of an insecure world”.

He said his government is committed to a “calm and patient rebuilding”.

“With respect and humility, I invite you all to join this govt of service in the mission of national renewal.

“Our work is urgent and we begin it today.”

Earlier, Rishi Sunak resigned as prime minister and said he would also step down as Conservative Party leader, but not immediately.

“I have heard your anger,” he said outside No 10, after a catastrophic night for his party

After 14 years of Conservative government, Labour won the general election in a landslide


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