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Oganized labour has said it is not fixed on a specific figure, as regards a new national minimum wage.

This comes after the tripartite committee on minimum wage submitted two proposals to President Bola Tinubu for consideration.

While the government and private sector proposed ₦62,000, the labour demanded a minimum wage of ₦250,000.

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) President, Festus Osifo said the figures are not set in stone and room exists for adjustments.

He shared the update on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, The Morning Brief on Friday.

He said, “What we said is that for us when we give figures, there is always a room to meander, there is always a room for us to do some adjustment here and there,” Osifo said.

“So, there is no figure that is sacrosanct, there is no figure that is cast in stone that both parties will be fixated on it. One of the reasons that we went on industrial action the last time was because when it got to N60,000, they told us that a kobo cannot even join the N60,000, that they cannot even add one naira to it.

“So that was one of the reasons that led to that industrial action beyond the fact that there were also delays.”

The TUC President assured that they will continue to justify their proposed figure to the President and National Assembly.

According to him, if the President’s proposal to the Assembly is unfavourable, labour will lobby lawmakers to reconsider. Osifo vowed to persist until the Minimum Wage Act 2024 is enacted.

Recently, President Tinubu pledged to approve a minimum wage that the government can afford.

He made this known on Wednesday at a dinner to mark Nigeria’s 25 years of unbroken democracy in Abuja.

He said, “I have to celebrate with you my dear brother, Senate President, Deputy Senate President,” he said, adding that Senate President Godswill Akpabio and his deputy, Jibrin Barau would soon get an Executive Bill from him on the new minimum wage.

“The minimum wage is going to be what Nigerians can afford, what you can afford and what I can afford. Cut your coat according to your size, if you have size at all.

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