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From Ijeoma John

The chairman of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) Nnewi North Local Government Area Anambra State Hon Tony Afam Muodelo had called Nnewi people to learn how to play politics of inclusion,lobbying others so that they would do same.

Hon. Muodelo said this while speaking with the journalists at his residence in Mbanagu Otolo Nnewi.

Hon Muodelo said that a tree could not make a forest .He stated that “Anambra State has 21 Local Government Area that if one desire to govern Anambra State, that person must work with all the Local Government,support them when they are in forefront of position,which when it is the person’ s turn,they will do same”

“We the elites in Nnewi will come together to fashion out a long term plan of how Nnewi will produce Governor of Anambra State ,we will dialogue to bring a good candidate that will be accepted by all” he said

Hon Muodelo cited Abraham Lincoln’s definition of Democracy as “government of the people by the people for the people “

He lamented bitterly that the country’s democracy has refused to grow.

“We have seen successful transitions but we have not seen successful delivery of dividends of Democracy to government at the grassroots.

He described Nigeria’s politics as the use of hunger and poverty as a weapon to enshrined themselves on the threshold of corridor of power.

“It is a pity that our own democracy has not developed much but we still encourage our people that democracy is the best government so far” he added.

He commended few individuals in the corridor of power who used the opportunity to give hope to the masses that democracy existed.

Hon. Muodelo described what Prof Charles Soludo was doing in Anambra State as a way of delivering the dividends of democracy to the Anambra people.

He said that he believed that APGA has better mandate and superior arguments to convince the electorate based on the leadership of Anambra State Governor.

He disclosed that Prof Soludo’s government had done massively to develop the 21 Local government Area in Anambra State.

He pointed out that Governor constructed roads especially those neglected areas. Hon Muodelo started that Nnewi benefited greatly from Soludo’s administration.

He outlined numerous projects which the Governor started in Nnewi :the construction of Okpunoeze road which was neglected for years,but today he completed it. He disclosed that massive construction of roads from Bank road to Nnewi Teaching Hospital were on -going which according to him within a couple of days would be ready.

He added that the Governor also refurbished water project at Nnewichi Nnewi, empowered Nnewi youth.

He advised Nnewi people to stop politics of antagonism ,politics of polling the solution Governor down.

He continued to enjoin Nnewi people to put in constructive criticism not blind,childish criticism.

He said that the Governor was doing his best to develop the state.

In terms of insecurity, he said before Governor Soludo’s administration, security was nothing to write home about but gradually that the Governor was trying to decimate the hoodlums behind the insecurity problem in Anambra State.

He commended APGA family for their faithfulness and support to the Governor in all his good works.

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