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From Ijeoma John Nnewi

Chief Executive Officer of Zudon Technologies and a personal Assistant to the managing Director of Sonik Japan Limited, GMoer properties Limited, GMoer and sons Limited.

Izunna Ùbah (Zudon) has expressed in a heart touching notes what his boss meant to him.

Chief Godwin Okwudili Muoghalu (Ikukuoma Nnewi) who is a reputable business mogul gracefully added a year to his age today being 13th May 2024.

Expressing warm notes, Zudon said that knowing his boss was a blessing to him and his entire family.

He described Ikukuoma Nnewi as a man of unwavering integrity, who upheld his principles with an unshakable resolve, a mentor and a great philanthropist.

Ubah said that he would forever be grateful to his boss for his love,undiluted advice, values, corrections that had helped him in becoming a man he was today. He further stated that he had seen Ikukuoma Nnewi displayed the strength of a thousand armies in the faces intimidating complexities.

” I will celebrate my boss
everyday because he has been my inspiration” he said

He wished Chief Muoghalu a glorious and glamorous birthday as he celebrated today.

Ubah prayed that God Almighty would continue to bless him as he put smiles on the faces of people.

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