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The Lagos Police Command has issued a stern warning about the dangers of confronting or provoking armed individuals.
The advice from comes in the wake of increasing incidents of misuse of firearms in the city.

Hundeyin, in the post, urged the public, especially the younger demographic, to refrain from challenging or daring individuals who are armed, whether they are security forces or civilians.

“Ladies and gentlemen, especially the woke generation, for your safety, please STOP: challenging/daring an armed person to shoot, asking an armed person, in a daring manner, how many people he/she can kill, attempting to disarm an armed person,” Hundeyin wrote.

He emphasized the irreversible consequences of gunfire: “A shot once fired can never be retrieved. A life once lost can never be brought back.”

Hundeyin reminded citizens that “one with a gun is a majority,” highlighting the power imbalance that a firearm introduces in any situation.

His comment follows recent tragic events where police officials reportedly killed an unarmed citizen who was in a queue to purchase fuel.

Such incidents have sparked concerns over the handling of firearms and the conduct of armed personnel in public spaces.

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