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….Relocates to Republic of Ireland

By Gloria Akudoro

A Nigerian man who  relocated to Republic of Ireland  has narrated how his kinsmen and some youths in his hometown of Obunulo, Ngodo,  Isuochi in Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia state,  nearly circumcised forcefully, but for the intervention of a Rev Pastor, who saved him.

The man, Mr Chijioke Michael Nnanna, who now resides in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, told our reporter through a WhatsApp messages, how, on a visit to his village with the girl he wanted to marry, purposely to perform the traditional marriage ceremony , the youth in the village surrounded him and wanted to initiate him into the barbaric culture of circumcising him by force.

In most towns and villages in the south eastern part of Nigeria, adult circumcision is seen as a ‘must act to be done on all adult males and sometimes females.’ Though some state governments are enacting laws to prevent and stop the obnoxious ritual ceremonies, the barbaric acts are still taking place in most towns and villages in the zone.

To these communities, if not circumcised, you will not be eligible to undertake in any cultural activities including marriage rites, age-grade initiations and owing a landed property.

According to Mr Chijioke Nnanna, he was not circumcised by his parents when he was born. This may be connected to the strong Christian background he was raised with, as his mother was strong born again Christian and a head of women meeting in church.

“But for not being circumcised by my parents, many threats that include stoning and forceful circumcision, were heaped on my mother, as she was solely blamed for not allowing me to go through the ritual of circumcision, as the customs and traditions of our villages demand. 

“These threats to my mother by our kinsmen and other villagers, made her not to visit our village again.

Chijioke disclosed that things took a different turn in his life, when he was age enough to get married.

“One faithful day, I came to my village to pay for the bride price of my wife to be, (Chiamaka Jessica Chukwu). When my kinsmen learnt that I was around to pay for the bride price, they gathered in my father’s compound and threatened to kill me unless I will perform the traditional circumcision ritual.

“The most horrifying aspect of the sordid incident is that they even threatened to rape the lady I wanted to marry, and give her to another man to marry, if I didn’t partake in circumcision ritual. This made me to put a stop to the marriage rites, to safe the lady from falling into the hands of these barbarians.

“As they (the villagers and youth) besieged my house with all sorts of weapons including some concoctions I believe would be used to torment my mental well-being, I knew then that if I don’t leave the village by what so ever means, I may not live again to tell the story.

“Around midnight of the same day, as they still besieged on my house, I made an alternative route within the back wall of our compound, and sneaked out. I ran as my legs could carry me, for over twenty kilometers, before I could reach a neighbouring community, where I sort refuge in the house of widower.”  

Chijioke said that later in the morning, after narrating his ordeal to the widower, who incidentally was a community leader on his own right, he took me to one Reverend gentleman, who also runs an non-governmental organization(NGO).

According to him, the man of God welcomed him after hearing his pathetic story and promised to help to relocate to another country, as staying in Nigeria will still put his life in danger.

“My coming in contact with the Pastor was a saving grace in my life, as he had planned to travel to United Kingdom in few weeks’ time in his private jet. He used his contacts to secure papers, which belonged to another man, for me as a travelling documents. These papers were what I used in travelling to Republic of Ireland, on the 16th January, 2024. Arriving at Republic of Ireland, I slept in the street, for I had no place to stay.  

“Thereafter, from the personal enquiries I made, I was told on how to get a taxi to Dublin. From Dublin, I met someone who gave me the address of International Protection Office (IPO), where I arrived on the 17th of January 2024.”

Mr Chijioke pleaded with the federal and state governments in Nigeria, to abolish all the obnoxious laws that seem to take the country backwards. He particularly called on the state governments in the south-eastern part of the country where comes from to take the initiative to stamp out all the retrogressive laws and practices that have contributed to the backwardness of the region. 

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