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Governor Fubara, who had previously intended to destroy the Assembly Quarters on Aba Road in Port Harcourt, has now, in a surprising change of heart, declared that he will not.

The decision was made after the governor’s recent visit to the quarters caused a great deal of outrage and anxiety among the Assembly members, according to the daily post.

As part of a broader urban renewal initiative in the state, the House of Assembly, which has served as the house for members of the State Assembly, was scheduled for demolition. The plans to demolish the quarters have faced strong criticism from opposition leaders and Assembly members after Governor Fubara’s surprise visit.

Concerns over the possible displacement of people and the loss of important infrastructure heightened the controversy surrounding the demolition plans, which erupted into a full-blown debate among Assembly members and local residents. Many people are demanding that the demolition plans be reconsidered after Governor Fubara’s visit to the quarters caused a flurry of controversy.

As a result of the criticism, Governor Fubara has decided to scrap the demolition plans. The decision was reached after the Governor’s office carefully considered the concerns voiced by the Assembly members and citizens, according to people close to the matter.

“We understand the importance of this structure to the Assembly members and residents of the area,” stated Martin Amaewhule, a senior official in the Governor’s office. The decision to save the Assembly Quarters from demolition has been reversed after much deliberation.

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