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From Ijeoma John Nnewi

The Transition Chairman of Nnewi North Local Government Area Engr.Chris Obiora had on Friday, 3rd of May 2024 expressed his satisfaction with the press.

Speaking with the journalists in his office,Obiora noted that a society that was not press friendly was operating a military junta where constitutional rights of the journalists were violated.

He commended the efforts of Governor Soludo,who according to him has done greatly to safeguard the freedom of the press in Anambra State.

He outlined the role played by journalists in showcasing the solution programs executed, portraying the Governor in limelight who according to him has done tremendously well under two years.

“Our Governor is the best performing Governor in the whole of Nigeria ” he added

According to him,what Soludo has achieved in two years in terms of infrastructure has surpassed what other governors could not achieved in eight years.

He highlighted what the Governor had done so far as built kilometers roads virtually in every part of Anambra State with drainage systems, provided seedlings to farmers in the current planting season,recruited 8000 teachers in the State, improvement in education standards in Anambra.

He continued to say that they are following the footsteps of the Governor which in Local Government ,he said they have performed wonderfully in infrastructure and renovations.

“We have succeeded in turning Nnewi North to a brand new council headquarters in line with the philosophy of our solution Governor “No area is left untouched” he said

He said that his relationship with the press has been cordial but he disclosed that some journalists are good while some will come and interview him and won’t published anywhere.

“I believe there is freedom of the press in Nigeria generally unlike in military era” he said

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