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A man identified as Onifade Oyekanmi (Priest) has revealed that he and his friends (Oyebode Olalekan, Ifayemi Ojeleke, and Jamiu Lasisi) wanted to use the 45-year-old Fulani woman, Usman Aminat, for a money ritual, but the Muslim cleric who told them about the ritual hasn’t given them any instructions on how to use what they did before they were caught.

Oyekanmi, the self-proclaimed priest, disclosed that he first encountered the woman at a marabout’s place, where she willingly offered to lead him to another marabout. On the fateful day of their despicable act, Aminat informed him that the marabout was around, prompting him to invite her to his residence in Ibadan, Oyo State.

According to the words of Onifade Oyekanmi (Priest) in the Vanguard news report, “We wanted to use her for a money ritual, but the Muslim cleric who told me about the ritual has not given me the instructions on how to use it before we were caught.”

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