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By Uzo Ugwunze

The newly inducted Obinwanne Agegrade of Abacha community, Idemili North LGA, Anambra State has proposed to undertake the construction of an ultramodern market which will cost about 20million naira for their community.

The members of the age group which include those born from 1982 to 1986 made the promise during their first outing/induction cultural festival at the Abacha community square.

According to the Obinwanne Agegrade Acting Chairman, Mr. Chibuzo Okekeudo (Njenjeegbuna onye Abacha), we do not have a befitting market in our community, the one we have was encroached upon during the construction of the main road by the State government.

“Obinwanne age grade decided to raise over 20 million naira to construct an ultramodern market that will contain between 30 to 40 stalls which will accommodate about 60 to 80 traders.

” We pledge to finish the project within the space of one year as soon as the community leadership shows us the land to site the market,” Okekeudo assured.

Inaugurating the new age grade, HRM Igwe Godwin Nwabunwanne Odiegwu(Ezedioramma of Abacha) after thanking God for blessing the age group with health, wealth and life to come of age tasked them to be law abiding, be their brothers’ keeper, and endeavor to complete the market project as they promised saying that his cabinet and the Town Union will liaise to map out land for the proposed market.

“Otu Ogbo – Age grade is constituted every 5 years in Abacha community. I advise everyone to embrace peace, love and integrity and think on how to develop or invest in your community for the good of everyone,” said the monarch.

A former President General (PG) of Abacha and Patron Obinwanne Age Grade, Chief Hon Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Okeke( Obataifeadi Ebubechukwuuzo Abacha) described market as one of the things that attract development to a community saying that he would keep supporting the agegrade until they complete the market project and embark on other human capital and infrastructural developmental projects.

“We thank God for everything. God will continue to bless and elevate the new age grade in all their endeavors. They will remain in peace, the unmarried among them will get married and we are here to support them,” Okeke said.

Moreso, another PG Emeritus, Chief Emeka Okelo (Otiwaluzo Abacha) said that age grades remain a veritable instrument in community development and from each age grade comes up replacements for different levels of leadership as the older people transit to the great beyond.

“The young shall grow and the old shall die. Age grade is an initiation process into manhood. There is nothing fetish about we promoting our cultural heritage. Life is turn by turn. Amongst them will come an Igwe, red cap chiefs, town union leaders.

“My own agegrade during our first outing reroofed/renovated our town hall, the agegrade after us built a health cente, so I am confident that Obinwanne agegrade will deliver the market complex they have proposed to build,” Okelo said.

Contributing, Chief Hon. Amb. Ugochukwu Onyekwelu (Akaeze Abacha) said: ” Just as we have three arms of government in Nigeria,we have Agegrades, Nze na Ozo and Ndiichie, the town union. In Abacha, before you are recognized to be part of anything you must belong to an agegrade or other arms. I know that Obinwanne agegrade will not disappoint us”.

Moreover, Chief Alex Chukwuka (Ichie Ezechukwukammadu) urged every son and daughter of Abacha community not to relent in using their God given resources to invest in developmental projects that will further promote love; unity and progress of their community saying that there is reward for giving out.

The Nne-Ogbo/Patroness Obinwanne Agegrade, Iyom Franca Ezeji ( Lolo Ugodiya) flanked by her son Emma Ezeji advised the over 300 members of the agegrade to shun hatred, family fueds and work together in peace and harmony according to their name Obinwanne. “I cherish my town Abacha. Onye aghana nwanneya – Do not leave your brother behind. Let us love ourselves and preserve our culture.

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