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The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) has called on the National Assembly to prevail on the management of Nigeria and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) to put an end to the new verification exercise because it infringes on their fundamental rights.

The council had in a circular recently revised the guidelines for requesting verification of certificate for nurses and midwives.

The placard carrying protesters in their number on Tuesday stormed the main gate of National Assembly complex in Abuja to demand for the reopening of the verification portal which they said had been closed down by the council.

The nurses insisted that the verification should not take more than 48 hours and that the exercise must be free of charge.

Speaking on behalf of the protesters, a concerned nurse, Alexis Isioma said nurses did not need to get authorisation letters from any superior colleague or Chief Medical Director (CMD) before conducting the verification.

She described the new guidelines as harsh, unnecessary and a waste of time just as she lamented over the opportunities that had eluded their members as a result of the new rules.

She said, “In November a circular was sent out that they have revised the verification rules. They brought new rules stating that a nurse must work for two years before you get verified or further your study especially for those that have scholarships abroad.

“Also, the said verification may take six months and must get a letter of recommendation from our head of department we are working with. Since November till now nobody has been verified because they close down the portal.”

Meanwhile the chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on health institutions, Amos Magaji, while appealing to the protesters said the National Assembly would wade into the matter and reach out to the appropriate authorities and ensure that their grievances were addressed.

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