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From  Ijeoma John Nnewi

The chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Nnewi North Local Government Area, Anambra  State and the Chief Executive Officer of Ginikachukwu Mutipurpose Company,  Prince Ifeamuma Nwafor-Orizu  had on Sunday  advised the general public to do things for God and not for praises.

He said this during the celebration of his house victory at his office in Umuenem Otolo Nnewi, Anambra State.

The students of Obiafia Umuenem Central school, Otolo Nnewi, House C of Prince Ifeamuma Nwafor-Orizu joyfully danced in victory as they saw their benefactor who joined them to celebrate their victory in just concluded Inter house sports organized at the school.

Speaking with the journalists at the event, Ifeamuma said people should endeavor to do  charity.

He stated that his father former first Senate president of Nigeria Akweke Nwafor-Orizu used to say “Do the good you can, when and where you can and leave the rest to God.”

He urged people that have the resources to be ready to help the poor and downtrodden in the society.

He disclosed that the teachers of the school approached him to buy the house that was in late father Nwagbara’s name.

He said though they came late but because Children were involved he decided to buy the house.

“I don’t joke with children and downtrodden. That has been my policy in life” he added

He revealed that he had empowered many people.  Ifeamuma said he helped people secretly that was why he got two strategic posts on merit.

“I didn’t plan joining politics now, but because of my contributions towards the development of my community, I was given those posts by acceptance “

He revealed that the best students that performed excellently that day were given scholarship instantly by his company’s name and he  said that he had extended the Scholarship to all the students in Ifeamuma Nwafor-Orizu’s house.

“From now I will take care of their school fees, their parents should rest” he said

Reacting to this kind gesture  ,Mrs Okafor Eucharia, on behalf of the teachers expressed their gratitude to their benefactor

She revealed that when Ifeamuma accepted to buy the house, though he was not around during the inter-house sports but he funded their food and drinks that day.

She thanked him for the scholarship and she prayed that “God will keep him and continue to bless him for taken care of the students.”

Ikechukwu Edward, one the beneficiaries expressed his joy for being part of the Ifeamuma Nwafor-Orizu house. He promised the benefactor that on behalf of the students “they will not disappoint him.”

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