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*** PG says Igwe-elect to emerge in 3 months

By Uzo Ugwu zeal

The Regent of Oba, Prince Noel Ezenwa (Ezeamaalu Oba) has urged the Oba Patriotic Union(OPU) executive to prioritize the selection cum election of the next traditional ruler – EzeOkpoko II of Oba community.

Prince Ezenwa made the call during the OPU General Easter Meeting of the Year 2024 saying that electing a new EzeOkpoko II is one of the most burning issues in Oba.

According to Ezenwa, I became Oba regent when there was a vacuum created at the Traditional rulership of Oba after the passing away of my father, His Magesty Igwe Peter C. Ezenwa of blessed memory.

“At that time, I believed I was going to be regent for a brief period until a new EzeOkpoko was elected. Unfortunately, six years after EzeOkpoko 1 passed away Oba is yet to produce a new Igwe.

“I hereby challenge our new OPU to make electing a new Igwe top of the agenda. They will be seen on the right side of the history of Oba should they set up the necessary machinery that follows the guidelines as laid out by our constitution to elect a new Igwe for our great town at the shortest possible time.

“Let us join hands in supporting them to elect and enthrone a new EzeOkpoko II that all in the community will be proud of and has the potential to take Oba to lofty heights and will represent Oba well at the highest levels,” Ezenwa said.

The Regent also challenged the new OPU exco to infuse new and progressive ideas that would bring lasting solution to the perennial problems of insecurity, land tussles, Youth unrest, environmental challenges that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Presenting his address, President General OPU, Engr. Uzo Ejiofor assured Oba community that a process that will see the emergence of the EzeOkpoko II elect in the next three months has commenced.

“It is unfortunate, barely seven years after the transition of EzeOkpoko 1, Ndibeanyi have not been able to select a worthy EzeOkpoko II, this has deprived us a lot of good and has caused us much embarrassment.

“The good news is that the process has resumed in line with our constitution and nothing short of that and by God’s grace, it is not going to last for more than three months and we shall bring it to conclusion and Oba will have an Igwe elect,” Ejiofor said.

He further announced the creation of several committees with Chairmen and Secretaries that would supervise the various sectors, programs and projects of the new town Union administration appointing Chief Engr. Darlington Agha as Chairman and Prof Engr. Austine Azubogu as Secretary of the Igweship Selection/Election Committee.

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