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For Transportation Minister, Rotimi Amaechi has expressed gratitude to Dr Peter Odili for giving him the necessary support to come this far in his political career.

In an interview with Ololade Adeniji-Adele on NTA, Amaechi said he doesn’t permit his family to talk about or insult Odili, because doing so would be ingratitude.

Speaking on how he began his political journey, he said, “First and foremost, the group was led by Chief Rufus Ada George. I also worked under Chief Rufus Ada George but most importantly, it was Dr Peter Odili that gave me the necessary political support that I needed to grow. I owe a lot of respect and gratitude to God and him for that. That’s why you will see that despite all the challenges I faced, I don’t talk about Dr Peter Odili. I don’t mention his name, I don’t let anybody in my family mention his name or insult him. Because that would be ingratitude knowing the kind of role he played to be the tool in God’s hands to make me the speaker of the House in his regime, and nominated me to be the candidate of the PDP for governorship before President Obasanjo tried to stop me from running.”

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