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In an interview on TVC TV, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike disclosed that the senator representing the FCT in the senate, Ireti Kingibe is upset because he has a close relationship with her political opponent, Philip Aduda, whom she ran against in an election.

He said that the senator is viewing their relationship through a political lens, rather than focusing on the work that needs to be done in the FCT. 

He said, “The Senator for the FCT should do the right thing, she should communicate with me if she needs an audience. She should tell me about things in FCT that I need to see. The problem is that she runs an election against my friend, Philip Aduda and then she sees him everywhere with me. She’s saying I’m taking Philip Aduda instead of her the current senator. She does not want to see me with him. Should I abandon my friend because he failed an election? It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t work like that.”

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