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Popular Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie has claimed not to be married to Judith Austin, despite the two children they have had together.

Yul said the relationship between them is all about skitmaking, and maintains there is no legally recognised union between them.

His estranged wife May’s legal team, headed by Emeka Ugwuonye of Due Process Advocates, on Sunday, in a statement and video address, revealed that Yul, 42, made this claim in his court filing.

May filed for a divorce against her husband in August 2023, with details of the court proceedings having been kept hush.

Mr Ugwuonye said the ongoing case at the FCT High Court, Abuja, slated for a hearing on 5 March, faced an unexpected setback as the court session did not proceed, a circumstance Yul and Judy claimed credit for.

In light of this, Mr Ugwuonye, who had initially kept the case details under wraps, now finds himself obligated to unveil the unfolding developments.

Detailing the developments in the case, May’s lawyer highlighted what he considered to be the defence strategy employed by Yul and Judy.

He said they denied being married and insisted that their relationship lacked any legal statutory recognition, claiming to be skitmakers.

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