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The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has explained the reason behind enlisting Nollywood superstar, Kate Henshaw as a UNICEF Ambassador saying it is principally to raise awareness on the need to invest in children.
This was disclosed by Rajat Madhok, Chief of Communications, UNICEF Nigeria, in a media parley held at the Bauchi Field Office, on Tuesday.
Henshaw was part of the UINCEF delegation to Bauchi to monitor the ongoing immunisation exercise in the state.
Madhok revealed that besides Henshaw, UNICEF also recruited other Hollywood celebrities like Ali Nuhu, Comhams, Waje to up the voice for children.
The UNICEF Chief of Communications revealed that the fund partners with a lot of celebrities globally to raise the conversation around immunization, education, birth registration, nutrition among others for child survival and growth
“UNICEF partners with influential people, people who have a voice,” he said.
He said the UN agency is in partnership with people that have respect in the community whose say matters.
“We want them to come to the community, we want them to talk to communities, we want them to talk to government, we want them to talk to people in power and convince them that it is important for us to be investing in children,” he added.
“And for someone like Ms Kate Henshaw, she has all the above attributes that we mentioned.
“She’s got influence, she’s got voice and most importantly she’s got a heart in the right place and these are champions that we as UNICEF work with around the world.
“That is why Kate is here (in Bauchi),”
“She is here because we are in the middle of immunization and she met with young mothers who vaccinated their children. She is also championing the cause of other issues like nutrition”
In his remark, the Chief of Bauchi Field Office of UNICEF, Dr Tushar Rane, expressed gratitude to Kate Henshaw who travelled from Lagos to Bauchi to reach out to people in the state on immunization as a UNICEF Ambassador.
‘During her visit we had interaction with the governor of Bauchi State, His Excellency Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, the Emir of Dass and some of the care givers,”
“UNICEF partners with influential people who have a voice.”
Rane thanked the media for the massive support to UNICEF’s activities in the country, particularly the Bauchi Field Office
“We could not have done anything alone without your partnership which has helped us to amplify our efforts, amplify the request and call to all the women, children to come forward and avail the services.” he stated.
“I really thank the media because they are equal partners in this venture and we have worked together for a common good.
“Be rest assured that we rely on you for amplifying the call to the rights holders and the children which we owed a lot so that we do not not leave any child behind from the basic services”
Speaking on her experiencing after interacting with women in some communities in Bauchi, Kate Henshaw described the on-going immunization in the state as successful.
“The Governor is very passionate about the health of the child and the mother,” Hensahw said.
“He was excited about what UNICEF is doing and directed for the release of counterpart funds for UNICEF interventions as they affect the immune system and nutrition.
“He is interested in giving protection to the children and their mothers through the right nutrition so that they will grow up properly.
“Today (Tuesday), I met with the Emir of Dass, Usman Bilyaminu Othman II, a very nice gentleman.
“He received us very warmly, and we went to the local government together, where we saw some of the women.
“I was shown the nutrition arrangement and told them to always take the correct nutritional food and give the children RUTF and the supplements that are needed for normal growth.
“We also reminded them of the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for six months to give the child a healthy foundation for a better tomorrow.
“We were also at Yelwa, where we saw many women who brought their children for immunisation, and we saw a lot of children already immunised. We give kudos to the field workers, community workers, health workers, and Mama2Mama; all of them are doing well towards giving a chance to live to the mother and the child.

“I want to thank UNICEF for giving me the opportunity to meet people and share an overview and insight into how this work is done. It is not easy; it has to come from a place of love, a place of care, and a place of advancement for people to have a chance to live.

“It starts with the woman when she takes in. It is very important that you amplify this message as often as you can in your reportage to communities and even yourselves so that the people will know, especially the women. The men also know that they are part of the process; they are partners in this work of advocacy because we all need each other in order to be able to make the story complete”

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